About Janam Kerala

About Janam Kerala

“Janam Kerala” JanaSevana Kendram, an innovative Public Common Service Center project started at Pannithadam,Thrissur District, Kerala State 05 years of study about the project ( Project study started from 2012). “Janam Kerala” Janasevana Kendram aimed to provide A to Z Products & Services online and offline to the citizens who all are living in Janam Kerala’s coverage.

Janam Kerala Janasevana Kendram will act as citizen’s family member /supporter to get done their requirements through online and offline Products & Services

                                         We provide A to Z products & services online and offline to the citizens through our Village Level Janam Kerala Office (VLJO) (Franchisee). Citizens can avail our franchisee services at their door step / counter through just one phone call or just one visit.

Now Janam Kerala Janasevana Kendram running at Malappuram, and Thrissur Districts its covering franchisees in these districts. Sevika Janasevana Kendram planning to start our Franchisees in all towns / junctions / villages in all over Kerala state to support Citizen’s requirements effortlessly.

Village Level Janam Kerala Office (VLJO) will be the main Service Centre of the public who all obtainservices from each Town/ Junction/Villages. Its covers 01- 25 Wards / Divisions of each Panchayath / Municipality / Corporation.